The D-ARCH’s shift to online research and teaching – due to the global pandemic situation – has turned out to be a significant success. Still, the confinement was far from easy. Many of us faced significant challenges, depending on the level of income and isolation, the living and working conditions at home, etc. If we were successful under the conditions, it is due to the engagement of entire D-ARCH community: the Students, Mittelbau, Professors and Staff who made it possible.

The online teaching mode (D-ARCH REMOTE) remains in place until now. The launching of the present digital platform concludes the current semester, by bringing together, showing and archiving the results of the department’s manifold teaching and research activities from the past months, focusing on the Final Reviews of the current studio projects and a virtual exhibition of the Master's Theses.

ETH Zürich
Departement Architektur
Stefano-​Franscini-Platz 5
8093 Zürich Hönggerberg

IEA – Institut für Entwurf und Architektur

Programmierung und Gestaltung:
Bänziger Hug (Samuel Bänziger, Olivier Hug)