Final Reviews:
Thursday, 3 June 12.30–17.00
Meg Baldwin, Seppe de Blust, Michel Roux, Milica Topalovic

How can the addition of integrated, dynamic, and productive systems transform the urban fabric? This question animated a 5-week design exercise in the second half of the MScLA Foundation Studio II (the first half of the semester was led by the Chair of Günther Vogt).

Teaching Team: Teresa Gali-Izard, Stefan Breit, Luke Harris, Cara Turett, Uxía Varela Exposito, Bonnie-Kate Walker

Chair Website: Chair of Being Alive
In this week-long module, students developed a practice of rigorous drawing to translate what they learned from scientists about soil—its physical, chemical, and biological properties—into information that enables us to see its potentials. As translators, we have the opportunity to draw what we cannot see, the life and relationships below the surface.

Chair Website: Chair of Being Alive